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Logistics Management Class Four Member:Wu Xuefen Zhang Beike Huang Yu Chen Rishuai Characteristics Aquarius[ ə‘kweriəs ] (January 21- February 18): Aquarius the water pourer, it is symbolized by a bottle which is pouring water. Unconventional(不守舊的), friendly, and unpredictable(不可預測的) are all characteristics of Aquarius. Aquarius values life, and pursuits happiness. Aquarius is a symbol of the wave, is a highly knowledgeable representative, from the wave of thinking the characteristics of Aquarius, law but did not appear to have a specific image, is an unpredictable constellationis. Its mood is always changing .Sometimes good, sometimes bad.This kind of character represents calm and love.It prefers nothing more than freedom. 象征水瓶座的波,是高度知性的代表,由波的特性去思考水瓶座的特質,看似有規律但沒有具體的形象,是一個不可預測的星座。性格通常是時而好,時而壞,喜怒無常。代表著冷靜與博愛。 S&W Friendly, honest, loyal, original, inventive, independent and intellectual. 優點:樂于助人,充滿人道精神,誠實善良,創意十足,個性獨立,擁有理想的智慧。 Intractable, perverse, unpredictable, unemotional and detached. 缺點:缺乏熱情,不按牌理出牌,太相信自己的判斷,思想多變沒有恒心,太過理智情趣不足。 Characteristics Virgo[ 'və :gəu ] (August 24- September 23): Virgo the virgin. One of the main keys to understanding Virgo is “Perfectionism”, which means Virgo is eager of being “perfect”. Another feature of Virgo is that they enjoy focusing on the very smallest of details. Virgo symbol, is like a handheld a string of grain of virgin, and the hands of each grain, are all symbols of experience in the field by the wisdom of the harvest the fruit。belong to teach, suitable for the need to be patient when the careers。處女座的符號,就像是一位手持一串谷物的處女,而他們手中的每一粒谷物,都象征著由經驗的田野中所收獲的智慧果實。屬于傳授者,適合當需要有耐心的職業。 S&W Modest, shy, practical, diligent, intelligent and analytical. 優點:謙遜不夸大,腳踏實地,事事謹慎小心,勤奮努力有耐性,有精確觀察力。 Fussy, a worrier, overcritical, perfectionist and conservative. 缺點:太過吹毛求疵,嘮叨瑣碎,杞人憂天,追求完美,思想保守。 Characteristics Libra[ 'librə ] (September 24- October 23): Libra the scales (測量)means harmony(和諧) and cooperation(合作). Libra is sensitive(敏感的) to what’s going on around them, and they often act as peacemakers(和事佬) in their environment. In the zodiac, libra represents the fairness and justice, in charge of the country's legal and diplomatic problems, therefore libra is absolutely required the sign of the balance, in the balance necessary to justice, libra also have the characteristics of modesty and courteous. 在黃道十二宮中,天秤代表著公平和正義,掌管著一個國家的法律還有外交的問題,因此天秤座是絕對要求平衡的星座,在平衡中必需要公正,天秤座同時也具有謙和有禮的特性。 S&W Diplomatic, romantic, charming, easygoing, sociable, idealistic and peaceable. 優點:有外交手腕,天生的優雅風采,浪漫的戀愛高手,適應力強,對美感有鑒賞力,平靜詳和。 Indecisive, changeable, easily influenced, flirtatious[flɜ:ˈteɪʃəs] and self-indulgent. 缺點:優柔寡斷猶豫不決,意志不堅定,易受欺騙,怕得罪人,輕佻浮躁,過于放縱自已。 Characteristics Sagittarius [ ,sædʒi‘tɛəriəs ] (November 23- December 21): Sagittarius is symbolized by an archer(弓箭手). They are optimistic, they need for change, they are friendly. Aries and Leo always can be good partners with Sagittarius. Because these three zodiacs are all open-minded and they have some common features. Its bow by can see Sagittarius wisdom and the love of freedom. The striker is connected with a strong team of the prototype, and the lower half of the body pursuit of absolute freedom, the upper body as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, and the arrows in the hands of the show manner that is often seen side. 由射手座的神話可以看出射手座的智慧和愛好自由。射手的原型是拿弓箭的人馬,下半身的馬象征追求絕對自由,上半身的人象征知識和智慧,而手中的箭,則表現出射手的攻擊性和傷人的一面。 S&W Optimistic, freedom-loving, good-humored, honest, straightforward, intellectual and philosophical. 優點:天性樂觀,熱愛自由,對人生充滿理想,豐富的幽默感,正直坦率,待人友善,聰明過人,有自己的處世哲學。 Blindly optimistic, careless, irresponsible, superficial, tactless. 缺點:盲目樂觀,粗心大意,不愿意負責任,缺乏耐性,不懂三思而行,做事不老練,喜怒太形于色。


星座英語ppt:這是星座英語ppt下載,主要介紹了Twelve constellations;Capricorn;Aquarius;Pisces;Aries;Taurus;Gemini;Cancer;Leo;Virgo;Libra;Scorpio;Sagittarius,歡迎點擊下載。




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